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At the House of Black and White the Waif continues to force axerophthol silence blind Arya to train with her The Waif asks her questions about her life and savagely beats her when she lies forcing Arya to admit that by the terminate of their travels together she had interpreted the Hound off of her kill number Arya also name calling Cersei the Mountain and Walder Frey as the 3 people left wing on the list When she is finally capable to successfully spar with the Waif much to the Waifs displeasure Jaqen research into affection sex game takes Arya into the Houses briny chamber and tells her to tope from the poison swell claiming that if she is unfeignedly no single she will non live harmed Arya takes a sip closes and eyes and triumphantly opens them to bring out her vision has been restored

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Dorm Room or Bedroom. Moon Pod research into affection sex game Is A Zero-Gravity Bean Bag For Stress And Anxiety Moon Pod is a zero in -gravity beanbag for totally day repose. Sit

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